Vince Albanese

Vince is an innovator and successful serial entrepreneur whose skills span decades of success and cutting edge innovation.  He is a Co-Founder/CEO/CTO of Haven Technologies which is focused on delivering enterprise-grade blockchain solutions to healthcare and finance entities. Haven Technologies solutions are engineered to support massively scalable, federated models.  Core features include Proof of Existence, Chain of Custody, Secure Notifications, AI-based Search, Audit and Reporting.

Vince’s background is primarily as an enterprise CIO however his roots lie in software engineering. Vince is a key contributor and maintainer to the core software framework powering Haven Technologies.

In his past experiences, Vince was CIO, ISFA/INVEST where he deployed 20,000 terminals to S&L’s on behalf of the RTC during the S&L crisis.  He was also Global Director, Technology for R. P. Scherer Corporation managing global pharmaceutical manufacturing for 21 plants in 13 countries.  He is a manufacturing ERP expert who founded, managed and eventually sold a national Oracle-based consulting company servicing a dozen Fortune 50 process manufacturing companies. Vince was the first technology hire for GratisCard Technologies and became the Chief Architect and CIO.  GratisCard became Revolution Money in partnership with Steve Case and was eventually sold to American Express as the Serve platform which powers Walmart’s Bluebird card.

Vince has 12 years’ experience in servicing hospitals and payers as a senior partner in owning, building and deploying the technology platform powering Amplefi which serviced over 100 prestigious clients.

Vince’s blockchain expertise heralds back to the beginning of Bitcoin where he participated in the technology during his tenure in the payments sector.

Vince is a strong believer and active participant in industry alliances. He was a founder of the Oracle Process Manufacturer’s Users Group (ERP), i2 Technologies Rhythm Users Group (ERP), the Green Armada Foundation (environmental), and Discover Alliance (healthcare). Additionally, Vince has taken an integral role within DirectTrust and is currently the Co-Chair Trusted Instant Messaging (TIM+) Workgroup, and Chair Innovation Priority Workgroup.

The Green Armada Foundation is delivering a blockchain for the capture, validation and discovery of environmental use cases and digital assets.  Green Armada has been recognized as Heroes of the Year by CNN, People Magazine and Reader’s Digest.

He is passionate about driving trust frameworks that support critical thinking.